And rally-car-racing legend, Ken Block, noticed.

A One-of-A-Kind Supra SL550

Just check out his fully-loaded Supra SL550 that he unveiled earlier this month. We partnered with our friends at Marine Products, Skier’s Choice and Indmar Marine Engines to help create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Powered by a 6.2L Indmar Ford Raptor, featuring a Roush supercharger, reflective Hoonigan Racing wrap, and — last but not least — Liquid Lumens’ first delivery of the all-new Mavericks LED Underwater Lights, custom RGB Top-Side Boat Lights, and RGB Cupholder Rings.

We have traditionally named our top-performing Underwater Light models after legendary surf waves around the world. Last season, when we released the Skinny Dip 12V light, we retired one of our old model lights, known as the “Maverick” model Underwater Light. The Liquid Lumens “Maverick” lights were named for the legendary surf wave “Mavericks” in northern California. While we decided to consolidate our light package offerings and discontinue that model light, we were sad to retire one of our favorite product names.

So, as part of our custom light package for Ken Block’s boat, we developed a brand new dual fixture light product with a more focused beam angle than our current offerings. At 200W per fixture (100W each LED cob and two cobs per housing), this new light is now our top-performing Underwater Light product. Given this opportunity with Marine Products and Skier’s Choice, it seemed appropriate to resurrect the name Mavericks, from one of the world’s most legendary surf waves, for some of our best underwater lights.

All-New Mavericks LED Underwater Boat Lights

As such, we’re proud to announce the official release of our all new Mavericks Underwater Light. With the 45 degree beam angle that it produces, these cutting-edge lights have once again raised the bar of performance for the entire boating industry. They will project farther behind a boat than our other Underwater Light products. They can be installed as a single fixture that is mounted centrally behind the boat, or in pairs to create 400W of total light output, as seen on Ken Block’s custom-built Supra.

New Products Coming Soon

Stay tuned for updates on the Mavericks Underwater Lights and more specialty items that will be available for purchase in the coming weeks and months, including Liquid Lumens’ products like our Cupholder Rings, Speaker Rings, RGB Top-Side Lights, and Synchronization Kits that allow you to pair your boat’s light zones together and also with your music. Contact us to learn how you might pre-order any of these new products, or call us directly at (844) 558-6367.