Sync Kit


The Sync Kit is the brain of your boat lighting system. It gives you the ability to command a mesmerizing symphony of colors and moods. You can synchronize your lights to the beat of your music, turning your boat into a rhythmic wonderland that’ll have everyone onboard partying like there’s no tomorrow. Or you can pick a soft, consistent color and keep things chill. Be the master of your own light and leisure.

  • 10’ battery cable (with fuse holder)
  • Sync cable (1 to 1 or 2 to 1)
  • Hardware kit (connectors, screws, other necessities)
  • Multi-Color RGB(W) Remote (with battery)
  • Voltage-input range: 10–14.5V
  • Maximum amperage draw: 12A
  • Standard RGB output: works with any 12V RGB lights
  • 16 color remote
  • Low frequency music pickup for simple light synchronization
  • Adjustable audio sensitivity

This product does not currently have an installation guide. For assistance regarding setup and usage, please call 844-558-6367 or send us a message at support@liquidlumens.com


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