Sunset's When it Starts

We know the sublimity of being out on the water. When the sun goes down, you’re just not ready to let go of that feeling. But, luckily you don’t have to.

Explore our new and improved underwater lights

We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve fully redesigned ALL our lights! We’ve worked hard to identify further improvements we can make to the boating experience and have built those improvements right into our new generation of lights.

Lumen-Boost™ Technology

Our lights boost the standard 12V power supply on your boat to 34V, so they can run as brightly as possible on as little energy from your boat as possible! This means while you’re sitting in your cockpit with your music on and your feet up, you can feel confident that our powerful LEDs aren’t putting too much strain on your battery. We’ve ensured that it’s not your problem, so go ahead and shine those lights all night long! But you may be wondering: How? Not to get all science-y on you, but here’s how we do it!


We use a borosilicate glass focusing lens that concentrates the lumens which in turn increase the candela, making sure that we heighten every bit of brightness and harness it right into where you want it!


Our LEDs maximize the number of lumens produced by the typical 12V boat battery. We arrange them in a combination of series and parallels. Then, by manipulating the intensity of red, blue, and green LEDs, we make it so all our colors are the same brightness!


For our earlier products, we used a driver to boost the voltage of our lights, but for the Pipeline, Mavericks, and Triple Topside Lights, we have now built all of that capability into the lights themselves! Each compact light carries multiple circuit boards which boost the voltage it needs to illuminate the water.

Our New Above Water Lights: The Triple Topside Lights!

Three lenses. Three diverging angles. Endless possibilities! The Triple Topside can be mounted to your transom and illuminate your wake or to your bow as a docking light or really anything you want. Wherever you put it, its separate lenses will span the water below with intense color.

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reinventing recreation

Our team is made up of avid boaters and adventurers who want to see our ideas, no matter how ambitious or crazy, actualized. Boats aren’t just a way to get from point A to point B anymore. They’re important to us; they hold unforgettable, irreplaceable memories. So, we work to make our boats reflect us and your boat reflect you. Join us as we reinvent recreation!

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