With Lumen-Boost™ Technology from Liquid Lumens

Reinventing Recreation

Liquid Lumens offers the world’s most advanced above water and underwater LED lights, equipped with our own Lumen-Boost™Technology.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah – our team of avid boaters and outdoor adventurers are dedicated to leading the industry with ground breaking products and innovative manufacturing. Customize your watercraft to reflect your own personal swag, and join us as we reinvent recreation.

Lumen-Boost™ Technology

Not to get all science-y on you, but here’s how we do it:

Increase Power

High Performance LEDs

Focus the Light

Front view of Liquid Lumens underwater lights with gun metal gray anodized housing

Best Underwater LED Lights in the World

Our DC-DC drivers increase the standard 12V power supply in your boat, allowing us to amplify performance in both lumen output and candela rating. Combined with high performance LEDs and our custom borosilicate glass lens, we’re able to produce the most premium underwater lighting in the industry.



Perfect for lighting up the swim deck on any rig, our dimmable LEDs are mounted in flexible rubber tracks designed to fit any boat. Topside Lights reduce glare from the water, while their mounting location keeps flying insects out of the hull and down near the water.

Topside Lights are available in two 3-foot segments or one 6-foot segment. Custom sizing is also available upon request.

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A family enjoys boating at night with blue underwater LED lights