Day & Night – Wakesurfing at night behind a Malibu M240 with Cassidy Gale

Back in March, we got an unexpected call from Tommy’s Florida. Little did we know what would come from that call! We jumped on the opportunity to work on a collaboration video with Tommy’s Boats and 2X World Champion Wakesurfer, Cassidy Gale. We wanted to use our top-of-the-line setup for this shoot to really let our products shine. That meant setting up Cassidy’s M240 with the dual Mavericks RGBW Underwater Lights and the RGB Top-Side LED Lights.

We didn’t have any in stock, so we had to scramble to get everything together and shipped to Florida for install on a limited timeline, but we pulled it off. Seeing a 2X World Champion rider work her magic on this shoot was something we couldn’t miss, so we booked a last minute flight just before COVID restrictions came into play (talk about good timing)!

The set was on Blue Lake, a private lake near Tampa, and it was picture perfect. The lake water was so crystal clear and blue that it could have easily been mistaken for the Caribbean. Throughout the entire day, Cassidy worked and worked, tirelessly throwing down all of her best tricks to get the footage the videographer needed. As daylight progressed into the magical sunset hour, the focus shifted to the Mavericks and Top-Side Lights that helped illuminate the scene and allow Cassidy to continue riding past dusk.

[Note: We were working in a closed and controlled environment under the supervision and guidance of trained professionals and a spotting crew. Surfing after dark is illegal in most places and you should be aware of your own local laws and obey them for your safety and the safety of others.]

Cassidy was in wakesurfer’s heaven! She even mentioned to us that the light setup made it easy to see the wave and throw her most technical tricks.We had so much fun watching her smile and enjoying the night on the water. The production team put a lot of hard work into creating this amazing final product. We were so grateful to be invited to be a part of this incredible collaboration with Tommy’s Boats, Cassidy Gale, Jake Snider Films, and Malibu for this shoot. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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