Pipeline 2

No deal breakers! In brightness and capability, the Pipeline’s a 10. It likes to show off—just a little bit.
liquid lumens underwater boat light front facing Pipeline

Underwater Lighting

Treat yourself

Say goodbye to dull evenings on the water with the Pipeline – an extraordinary lighting system that brings the dark depths to life with vibrant, mesmerizing colors. Whether you’re on a serene evening cruise with family, relaxing as the lights romantically sway from one color to the next, or having a wild party as colors flash in quick succession, the Pipeline is sure to elevate your night.

why pipeline

Built for adventure


No clunky driver


68 LEDs!

Color-changing capabilities

At intervals or to beat*
*when using Liquid Lumens sync kit and remote, other sync kits may widen or narrow input options

Fresh Water

We build our fresh water lights out of 6061 aluminum because it’s a fabulous conductor, then we add a ceramic coating to make the lights look fabulous. Function and fashion? Check.

Salt Water

Our salt water safe lights are made of pure manganese bronze, a very strong material that can look that salt water right in the face and say, “Not today, buddy!”

* Check out our other saltwater option, Mavericks 2.

Voltage-input range
Maximum amperage draw
7.2A (fuse replacement #: 10A)
Maximum wattage
79.2 W
8,000 total lm
Lens beam angle