Mavericks 2

Sometimes when it comes to recreation, more is more. A couple of these bad boys can cover a real wide span of water behind your boat!

Underwater Lighting

The Ultimate Package

This isn’t your grandma’s light. Mavericks sets dark nighttime waters ablaze, enveloping every moment on the lake in vibrant color. It immerses you in a captivating display of brightness and turns your night into a story worth telling. One of pounding music, exhilarating swim-sessions, thrilling rides, and awe-inspiring sights. Midnight boating will never be the same.

why mavericks

Built for adventure


2 adjacent lights both at 60°


136 LEDs!

Color-changing capabilities

At intervals or to beat*
*when using Liquid Lumens sync kit and remote, other sync kits may widen or narrow input options

Fresh Water

We build our fresh water lights out of 6061 aluminum because it’s a fabulous conductor, then we add a ceramic coating to make the lights look fabulous. Function and fashion? Check.

Salt Water

Our salt water safe lights are made of pure manganese bronze, a very strong material that can look that salt water right in the face and say, “Not today, buddy!”
* Check out our other saltwater option, Pipeline 2.
Voltage-input range
Maximum amperage draw
14.4A (fuse replacement #: 2X 10A)
Maximum wattage
158.4 W
16,000 total lm
Lens beam angle
Two adjacent lights at 60°