Lumen-Boost™ Technology

Let’s talk about lumens and why they’re so important to what we do.

Underwater lighting requires especially concentrated light as it has to permeate through water. This is achieved through a high lumen count and candela rating. A lumen is a unit of luminous flux which reads the total quantity of visible light that a light source produces. They provide a decisive indication of a light’s true brightness, color, lifespan, and projected operating cost. The higher the number of lumens a light source produces, the greater the potential of visible light that source can display, relative to how it is applied. The number of lumens actually defines the total illuminating power of a lighting product, similar to horsepower in an engine, so that you can understand just how bright, or dim, the light source potential is.


In comparison, candela ratings are the SI unit for measuring the brightness of the light source. In measuring the value of light intensity from any singular point in one direction, candela provides the measurement of the wavelength-weighted power that is emitted by a light source. Concentrated and focused lights, such as those used for underwater lighting, have some of the highest candela ratings. 

But how do Liquid Lumens lights achieve this?

Our Lumen-Boost Technology is built to safely and efficiently maximize the lumen count of our lights. Though they’re limited to running on 12V, our lights are able to boost that energy to 34V and create an even brighter output!

We’ve also optimized how we configure the LEDs in our lights in order to even out the candela ratings of each of our colors, allowing for uniform brightness across all colors.