Yes! You can activate the remote control bypass switch on your Power Supply Box and use the Master Power right beside the switch to operate your lights. At least until you get a new remote 😉 

Definitely not. High voltage lights inherently generate radiant heat, and the water cools them down. But outside of water, the lights have no way to cool down, so we have an internal thermal safety switch designed to shut off the lights if excessive temperatures are reached.

Either works! Any authorized dealer can install your Liquid Lumens products, and all professionally installed lights come with a free one-year extension to our factory warranty. But if you have the tools and are comfortable connecting wires, then installing it yourself should be no problem! (For the record, our wires are color-coordinated, so you don’t need to be a mechanic.) Access installation instructions here!

Yes! But make sure you are buying the copper, salt-water safe ones. The aluminum ones are specifically for fresh water use.

Well, if you have budget restrictions then the Skinny Dip may be the best option for you! But if you’re not worried about the price point, there are a few differences between these products. The Skinny Dip has a more narrow lens, so it has the tightest beam angle. The Pipeline 2 has a wider lens, a wider beam angle, high brightness, and no need for an external power supply box. The Mavericks is like the Pipeline but with a much wider beam angle and an even brighter output!

Absolutely! Our products are designed to amplify those 12V so the lights can run effectively without draining the power on your boat.

Lumens and candela are measurements of light, each measuring a different aspect of light. Lumens measures the total amount of visible light, while candela measures the amount light emitted in a particular direction. Our products contain high performance LEDs (i.e., more lumens) enclosed in a ceramic coated housing with a borosilicate glass focusing lens (i.e., higher candela rating).