15′ Underwater Light Extension Kit


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Each of the Liquid Lumens Underwater LED Lights comes with a 15′ installation wire pre-installed to the Housing of the Underwater Light. This kit will allow you to extend the install distance from a pair of Underwater Lights back to the Underwater Light Power Supply Box by an additional 15′ for a total of 30′ from the power supply to the Underwater LED Lights.

This kit includes two additional 15′ lengths of 18 gauge wire, four wire to wire crimp connectors, 4 waterproof shrink tube sleeves and a zip tie bundle to help you secure the wire for a clean install.

Warning** If your installation requires that you install your Liquid Lumens Underwater Lights more than 30′ from the Underwater Light Install Kit and Power Supply box, please contact Liquid Lumens or one of our authorized dealers directly for support. Never use this kit for a wiring run longer than 30′ from the Underwater Light Power Supply box to the Underwater LED Light as larger gauge wire will be required for proper function.

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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