Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our Power Supply Box is equipped with a remote control bypass switch. Simply activate the bypass switch, conveniently located next to the Master Power. This method is effective until you can purchase a replacement remote control. Click here to purchase.

No. High voltage lights inherently generate radiant heat. Underwater, this heat is easily dispersed; however, above water, heat is retained and lights may be warm/hot to the touch. All Liquid Lumens lights have an internal thermal safety switch designed to shut off if excessive temperatures are reached.

Either. Any authorized dealer can install your Liquid Lumens products. All professionally installed lights come with a free one-year extension to our factory warranty. However, if you have the tools and are comfortable connecting wires, then a DIY install should be no problem. Click here to find and download your install instructions.

No. Our Underwater Lights are only designed for freshwater use. We are currently developing products that will be approved for saltwater boats. Be sure to check our website for updates.  

Aside from price point, there are a few differences between these products – size of the light housing, beam angle, and candela output.

The Surfrider Package has the widest beam angle of 84°, resulting in the most peripheral light distribution. However, it does have the lowest candela rating at 7,852. Bottom line: Surfrider has the best light distribution but the least intense beam.

The Pipeline Package has a beam angle of 62°, and boasts the highest candela rating at 14,247. Bottom line: Pipeline produces the most intense beam but has the most conservative peripheral light distribution.

Yes. When properly installed, all of our products will operate off of your boat’s standard 12V power supply system.

Lumens and candela are measurements of light, each measuring a different aspect of light. Lumens measures the total amount of visible light, while candela measures the amount light emitted in a particular direction.


We outshine the competition with Lumen-BoostTechnology. Our products contain high performance LEDs (i.e., more lumens) enclosed in housing with a borosilicate glass focusing lens (i.e., higher candela rating). With Liquid Lumens products, you are getting the light you need, directed where you need it most.