Lumen-Boost™ Technology

Increase Power

In order to increase power we use a custom DC-DC driver designed to boost the standard 12V power supply in your boat. By creating the opportunity for higher voltage, we are able to install a more powerful underwater LED.

Liquid Lumens install kit

High Performance LEDs

Our powerful underwater LEDs allow us to generate more lumens than are typically supported by a normal 12V system. More lumens means more light. With our rigging, we’re able to achieve 6,000 lumens for Red and Blue LEDs, 7,000 lumens for Green LEDs, and 10,000 lumens for Cool White LEDs. Can we get a Hell yeah?

Multicolor RGBW lens view

Focus the Light

A borosilicate glass focusing lens concentrates the lumens, thus increasing the candela. So what does this all mean to you? Basically we’re wasting less light and directing that light to exactly where you want to use it.

Side profile view of a Liquid Lumens Pipeline Underwater Light with red anodized finish