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Growing up on the water meant that boating wasn’t just a weekend activity, it was a lifestyle. And when you live and breathe something the way I do, it becomes as familiar as an old friend. I’ve been water skiing and surfing for as long as I can remember. My childhood is marked by early mornings on the lake, when the air is crisp and cool but the water is comfortably warm.  I live for those days when I have a solid crew and it’s nothing but sunshine and smiles; days where the hype is contagious and we have to get in one last ride before losing that pink golden light. My name is Rob Christensen. 



It wasn’t until lifelong family friend and fellow boater Eric Nofsinger approached my brother, Ryan Christensen, with an idea, that this boating lifestyle of ours became a career. Eric envisioned a series of premium lighting products for boats that would enhance visibility above and below the water. Through ties with the family company – Christensen Industries, Ryan was able to provide access to the manufacturing element. The idea of extending the opportunity to chase good times on the water was insatiable and it drove us to create Liquid Lumens in 2015. 


Today we are leading the industry with the highest-performing, above water and underwater LED light packages. Developed by boaters for boaters, our products offer that extra zhuzh you need to take that hobby and turn in into a lifestyle. From our boat to yours – enjoy!

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